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PT. Guntur Satria Perkasa is a company engaged in the procurement of goods or services trade, export and import both scale national and international, located at Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 192, Cawang, Kramatjati, Jakarta Timur – Indonesia, will always work together with partners to establish supplier and manufacturer to meet the needs of quality products. PT. GUNTUR SATRIA PERKASA is a Limited Liability company that partnered well with private companies and the Government of Indonesia to establish a good working with work partners.

We have the determination to provide the highest satisfaction by providing high quality products and a mainstay. In addition, we always give Continuous Technical Support to Product Training and After-Sales Service to meet the expectations of the best of products. We guarantee the authenticity of the product, including the Warranty Service and Spare Parts. In other words, we will ensure satisfaction and a best wish without affecting or reducing the quality of the product.

During this, we have to build good working relationships with private companies and the Government of Indonesia in the field of procurement with are reliable and have the support of our partners. Therefore, we can ensure and provide quality goods or services best to trade best.

Currently, the main merchandise or services PT. Guntur Satria Perkasa:

  • Health equipment.
  • Drugs that have been made.
  • Supplies Officer.

       Colleagues and partners scope of PT. Guntur Satria Perkasa:

  • Indonesian National Armed Forces Headquarter.
  • Department of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Department of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • and several other Government Agencies.

Officials PT. Guntur Satria Perkasa:

            Commissioner                                        : Sri Handayani

            Director                                                         : Ir. Agung Winarno, MT, MM


Being experts in the procurement of goods or services in Indonesia’s for work partner satisfaction with the best quality with network development supported by the system and good organization.


  1. Understanding of the problems various procurement of goods or services in the field and share good information with suppliers or distributors.
  2. Creating innovative and flexible solutions to meet hope costumer.
  3. Work hard to meet the best quality in products and services.
  4. Reliable and responsible as construction of procurement of goods or services which sale.
  5. Measure and monitor the progress of each project in order to make a positive impact on the satisfaction of products and services.
  6. Encourage all suppliers and manufacturers to participate in the fight for the mission to be the best for the customer.
  7. Develop facilities and infrastructure on the best quality of products and services.

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